Info For Authors

1.  Working Title

2.  Outline:
      Please describe the purpose of the book, its place in contemporary science environment. 

3. Unique Features:
      Briefly list what you consider to be the three (or more) outstanding, distinctive or of the work and why. 

4.  Audience
      a.       Identify the intended target audience. 
      b.       At what level is the book targeted (beginner, intermediate, advanced)? 
      c.       Is it primarily descriptive or qualitative, elementary or rigorous, etc.? 
      d.       Prerequisites, if any, or assumed background experience. 
      e.       Estimate the size of the target audience and ways to verify the estimate. 
       f.        Identify some of the obstacles faced by this target audience when it comes to mastering the proposed topic. 

5.  Status of the Book
      a.       What portion of the material is now complete? 
      b.       When do you expect to have a complete manuscript? 
      c.       If chapters are not available now for review, when will they be ready to submit? 
       d.     How many and what type of figures (e.g. drawings, half-tones, charts, etc.) do you plan? 
       e.     If producing the material electronically, what hardware, operating system, software, macros, etc. will you be using? 

6. Competition:
      Consider the existing books in this field and discuss their strengths and weaknesses individually and specifically. This material is written for reviewers and not for publication, so please be as frank as possible. 
      a.       Identify competing titles currently available, noting the author, title, publisher, price, page count, and year. Compare each to your proposed work, noting the similarities as well as the differences. 
      b.       Indicate why the work you propose to deliver is unique. Compare and contrast your credentials to the credentials of the authors of the other books. 
      c.       If there are no books on this subject, explain why you believe there still is market interest. 

7. Apparatus
      a.       Will the book include examples, case studies, questions, problems, glossaries, bibliography, references, appendices, etc? 
      b.       Are you planning a CD, a webpage, or downloadable files to accompany the work? If so, please describe the content you plan to deliver. 
       c.       Do you plan to provide supplementary material (software, teacher’s manual, solutions, answers, workbook, laboratory manual or other material) to accompany the text? 

8.  Market Considerations: 
       a.       What type of person will buy the book, and why? What new information will the book give them to justify its cost? 
       b.       Based on your knowledge of the community for whom this book is written, how many copies would you expect to be sold in the first year of publication? 
       c.       What academic programs are you aware of that would use this book? As a required text? As a supplement? 
       d.       What corporate training programs or seminars (in-house and/or publicly held) would be able to use this material? 
       e.       What professional organizations would be useful in promoting the book? 
       f.        Is there a potentially strong international market for your book? Why (or why not)? 

9. Reviewers:
We may use reviewers of our own choice but we will also try to include some whose opinion you feel will be valuable. Can you suggest any? If the book has several distinct markets, try to recommend at least one reviewer from each. 
Naturally, we do not reveal the names of our reviewers without their permission. If you desire, we will submit the material to the reviewers anonymously.

The outline should allow a valid assessment of your ability, but it does not need to be in final form. You should include rough sketches of some important figures. It would be very useful to submit any chapter that is particularly innovative. The material submitted should reflect your writing style and pedagogy. It should represent in depth, detail, and rigor you plan for the book.


CV outlining your education, previous publications, professional experience, field of research, special awards, etc. Essentially, what qualifies you to author a book on this particular topic? Include vitae for your co-editors (if any).

1.       Have you signed any contracts that restrict you from sharing your expertise?
2.       Is this book built on theories or processes that you have already developed into an article? If so, what is the article? Is the intellectual property in the article yours to expand?